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Ban on Child Labor

    Ban on Child Labor

    Ban on Child Labor

    Something that started off back in the mid-industrial revolution took a greater turn later during the great depression in the United States.

    Back then there was no human rights movement, instead, the lawmakers came together to draft legislation so the adult population would have more jobs.

    Later, education was made compulsory for children making sure of their presence in the schools. It became a global movement and took over Europe very soon, while child labor was still being practiced in different parts of the world.

    While the laws are out there and are forcibly applied, there are some countries of the South, already fighting with their ‘third-world problems, and simply ignoring these laws.

    Afghanistan and Iran are very well known for their carpet trade. The fact that the country itself and the international buyers ignore the reality behind finely crafted carpets, which is the laborers in carpet making are usually children because their small and delicate hands produce fine threading.

    Not that the NGOs are ignorant, but the people in power out rule the ban on child labor. People question the law, the implication, whereas the actual problem is a financially deprived family that has no other choice but to send their children out to work to have bread on the table.

    Ban on Child Labor

    Iqbal Masih is well known for Abolitionism worldwide. Just when the people in Pakistan and people worldwide thought that child labor might have come to an end, he was assassinated at the age of 12.

    The case was settled by his family. There are many cases like Iqbal’s, which might have possibly out ruled the people in power and save the generations to come, but the nation failed.

    What might possibly make the bigger economies out there help the smaller countries come out of economic crises to end child labor.

    Back in 2018, during the FIFA World cup, the controversy of child labor behind the footballs being used in the game, which were exported by Pakistan, affected the country’s economy, While there was no authenticity behind the accusation.

    While the ban weighs greatly in the humanitarian sector, the above example helps us understand better that what, where, and when the ban comes into use nationally, and by the greater economies internationally.


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