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Books are Important in the 21st Century

    Books are Important in the 21st Century

    Books are Important in the 21st Century

    In a world where agreement between multiple views and ideas is often elusive, one thing has been common among the great philosophers and thinkers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza and their ilks.

    Almost all of them, invariably, regard the pursuit of knowledge as the ultimate objective of life; “knowledge is virtue”, as Spinoza would put it.

    The basic assessment behind such a canon is that man is much more than just the material being as the animalists would assert he is.

    Flag Bearers of the supremacy of knowledge drew their arguments from the essential human nature of man and from the nature of the world he has lived in since ages.

    Knowledge is what has taught man how to live and reconcile with the world which, to many, seems hostile to its existence.

    Traditionally and even today, the repose of knowledge has been the books. People have used them to communicate their ideas and enrich the intellectual treasure of mankind.

    On the other hand, readers have been the recipients of this treasure and they have had these “packets” of knowledge as the primary means of their fulfillment.

    The importance of books and reading continues to grow with every new era that mankind enters. Books are even more important in the 21st Century than they were ever before. The question arises as to what makes them so important; the answer is manifold.

    By: Zumar Khan

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