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Covid Brings Families Together

    Covid Brings Families Together

    Covid Brings Families Together

    Nowadays where everyone is facing financial issues, job issues, fear, and death trauma of their loved ones. We can truly start to sense the loss of human interaction when self-isolation and social-distancing mechanisms are in effect.

    This has the potential to suppress our mood. Perhaps not everyone is taking a break. As states began to relax regulations on businesses or public spaces. Images and videos of large crowds began to circulate in the media.

    Time to have Fun with Family:

    During the days of the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized that it is providing opportunities to stay connected with our friends and family members. They were disconnected due to their daily busy routines. 

    I’ve discovered the value of human connections in a manner that I never could before. Along with the rest of the globe,  people were busy with their jobs and had no time for their children.

    Now they have time to watch Netflix, they are making food and enjoying family dinners at home instead of at restaurants with colleagues. It is the time when you can do experiments for dinner every day.

    Playing Games and Making Food Together:

    We became more aware of the beauty of hibiscus flowers blooming in our courtyard. The peaceful sounds of birds chirping joyously, or the vastness of the dry night sky.

    We can spend more beautiful time with family by playing indoor games. When we grew up we forgot our childhood games which are now again growing with the same enthusiasm.

    The perfect bond is formed when all family members participate together in doing home cleaning and laundry. They welcome the different thoughts of all members and appreciate them to enhance the inner abilities of each other.

    Home decoration and changing the setting of the living room and bedrooms add more fun to the boredom days of covid-19. These little changes in our lives and interaction with our family bring more happiness and rejuvenate the busy life routines.

    By: Sadaf Abdullah

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