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Education or Knowledge

    Education or Knowledge

    Education or Knowledge

    Education or Knowledge, Are they different?

    What’s the difference?
    We human beings are really in need of learning more, we always have been. But we could never name this need.

    Sometimes we name it Education and sometimes Knowledge. But both are quite different than one another.
    Well, what education am I talking about?
    Education is what you learn through reading and writing.

    What you are taught by someone through different languages, formally or informally.
    You go to school, you memorize it, And then use it if it’s needed anywhere.
    So what does knowledge mean to you?
    knowledge is what your heart seeks, it has so much to do with your passion, what you love and what you’re seeking in life.
    Nobody can really give you knowledge unless you tend to gain it.

    It has mostly to do with your actions. It brings changes in your soul, your mind, and your lifestyle.
    So I’m saying to go for it.
    But what do we really need? Education or knowledge?
    Do we need information for the sake of information or knowledge for the sake of practical life?
    Well, we can’t have one.

    We need both, our mind needs education excellence that will bring betterment in our actions, while we need the knowledge to bring peace and to elevate the level of our soul’s strength.
    Now how to use that information well?
    Education is for information to apply to material things and make your life easier.

    Knowledge is to bring tranquility to your soul.
    Practice, practice, and practice.

    You will be so perfect one day that you would be able to achieve whatever you are meant to.
    It’s said by Aristotle that, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then isn’t an act hut a habit”.
    We Need The Bottom Line!
    So the conclusion is that knowledge is mostly what’s related to the mind, but when it changes into action it becomes an education.
    For example, our Prophets were given knowledge from the skies, but they taught it, to educated humanity so they can be better human beings.
    All we need to do is to work both of them, practice, and bring excellence in our lives so we can ace everything in our lives.

    By: Sobiya Malick

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