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Enduring our way

    Enduring our way

    Enduring our way

    Enduring our way

    Some people or some women suffer more than others.

    Some people suffer more than others.

    Some people and some women suffer all their lives.

    We suffer in general.

    Exploitation feels like a hobby to some people.

    They don’t really find happiness in it.

    They are mindless about what they are doing most of the time.

    But they never stop even when the realization hits.

    Maybe they just can’t.

    Some people get exploited.

    Most people get exploited.

    Some people exploit.

    Only some people exploit.

    I do not understand why they do that or what makes them do that or why they are the way they are.

    That is not my responsibility.

    I was born a free being.

    Why do I suffer then?

    Why are we shackled the moment we are born?

    Why are women shackled the moment they are born?

    Who gave them the idea to shackle us with our being?

    Our existence.

    Why are we made sorry for existing?

    Why are some women made to feel sorry for their existence?

    Why are we being punished? always? always.

    By: Aliza Fatima

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