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Flat Earth

    Flat Earth – must see/read! Unbelievable 

    If this Flat Earth Theory is true and I must say starting to sound like it, what on earth! this is crazy!

    how could someone do this, I assume the person/persons that started the big LIE must be dead a long time ago and no one said anything if they even knew to put a stop to it. so what your saying is I should assume that my school teachers and family weren’t any wiser and believed the same lie because this BIG LIE started many many years ago and just went on from there.

    This could literally change everything, talk about turning the world upside down!

    first, I watched this and I thought that was big news:

    [fvplayer id=”2″]

    then this popped up and I’m now speechless and full of speech too, I just can’t stop thinking about the facts folks:

    Flat Earth why

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