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    HB11 Energy

    HB11 Energy = Unlimited source of clean, safe and reliable energy using fuels that are abundant in nature using a reaction that does not produce radioactive waste.

    Benefits of the HB-11 Energy generation are:

    + carbon neutral

    + abundant and safe

    + The reaction is safe

    + No radioactive waste

    + Reactor cannot melt down

    + Not intermittent

    + Scalable

    HB11 is the answer.

    ​We all need to work hard to show our support and ask our governments, universities and research centers to look into and develop this as fast as possible.

    We as a human species can not be lazy, especially in the field of clean energy as our life and our planet depends on it!

    We need this now not when you and i are dead from old age waiting for the day. wecan not wait for the next generation and hope they continue it as we did with space exploration and then the next generation though it was not worth it, lets just make money instead.

    Not like the electric car when we thought the next generation will make it better and they just started using fossil fuels because it was easier and made more money!.

    NOW! i say. Now

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