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Human Nature

    human nature

    Violent Human Nature

    human nature

    Humans seam to be designed to be violent.

    Since its conception, there seams to be violence in human nature.

    I suppose, starting from the violence it had to perform for food and then extending to violence between each other.

    I must add this seaming at least half of human existence has been influenced by it, even in all religious history violence has been shown and approved in self defense.

    It seems to this day we can not get rid of these ancient feelings of anger, jealousy and other feelings that lead us to violence.

    This all must lead to one conclusion and one conclusion only, Mankind (The human) is genetically made for violence.

    But Why?

    Yes why is the hard Million Dollar question.

    I’m going to think out of the box and presume, it’s a necessity for Man Kind.

    See if you think about it, it prepares one for this harsh universe.

    If we were a peaceful civilization then any violent creatures or species would simply decimate mankind.

    So, therefore, perhaps it’s a vital part of the defense, we wouldn’t want to be helpless snails when an invading force enters our vicinity.

    This leads me to believe this whole idea that all this is in preparation for what’s coming.

    Maybe, just maybe now that we are a space-faring species, it’s bound to happen.

    This article in no way, shape or form promotes or encourages violence of any kind.

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