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Influence in Life

    Influence in Life

    Are we meant to influence their life?

    When we give advice or asking for help, are we changing or an influence on someone’s life?

    one might say, yes it’s good to change a life, changing one’s life for the better as we see it, is a good thing right?

    How does one know whether it’s good or not, how does one know if it is for the better?

    How are we so sure?

    When one asks another to take 10 minutes out of their time to help. That ten minute side track from his or her life, what were they meant to be doing? Did we in-fact change something in their life, was it big or small and insignificant?

    Were they meant to see or do something else?

    you there, reading this, are you meant to be or would of wanted to, if you only knew, doing something else entirely and if yes, would it of changed your life forever or ever so slightly?


    Does it matter? Or does it even matter now?

    Life is better spent not thinking about such questions right.influence

    Best just do what we like and not think of the consequences or we might go mad and never leave our bedrooms thinking we might hurt someone not knowing we are.

    Is that the right thing to do? Or maybe for some?

    How about what we say or not say and forget about do or not do.

    May as well stop reading this before it affects you

    Maybe negative influence and positive influence is one and the same, like yin and yang.

    we cannot guarantee the good dead’s we do whether it be verbal or physical are negatively affecting others as we do not know the aftermath of such action in the future or the side track that might have in their life such as possible negative influence that person might have on another as a result of our good dead and as such vice versa.

    Example but opposite:

    You spit on someone’s property, that person feels bad and says to himself never to treat others in such a way.

    He then years later comes upon a homeless man who chooses to remain homeless whatever his reasons maybe and he gets a sudden urge to spit on the homeless man but remembers that day and there for does not.

    Later that night some drunk thugs run into the homeless man and decide they will beat him up for fun and the homeless man ends up dead.


    Obviously I could have made it all easier for you to follow the story by giving names to these characters and rephrased it and/or clarified it, but would be the fun in that.

    Solution or not:

    Maybe if the homeless man was spat on by the person in question, the homeless person might have realized he no longer likes being homeless and went home which in turn would have saved his own life because of his actions and/or by yours?

    Told you it’s just Rubbish right?

    Loving the confusion? Cos I’m just getting started.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like to consider myself as a good person that does good to others to intern be treated good myself but the point of the matter is, anything is questionable and can indeed be questioned can it not?

    Right about now you’re probably questioning this, me and yourself.

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