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Manufacturing Narratives

    Manufacturing Narratives

    Manufacturing Narratives

    Manufacturing Narratives

    Manufacturing Narratives

    You might be wondering what the title means, puzzling right?

    To begin with, we need to understand that everything in this world is constructed through different means and mediums.

    Ideas, thoughts, narratives, or perspectives can be built up, constructed, and mended with time, but how are ideas, thoughts, narratives, and perspectives constructed?

    The answer is, in your TV lounge, the big shiny TV screens are mending the way we see things around us.

    A war can be shown as a humanitarian cause or a brutal act of terrorism which can be shown as a heroic act.

    When an innocent can be proven guilty and a criminal is proven to be innocent, that is when it comes to the realization of the human mind that this is what actual power means.

    This is the reason, media today is considered the fourth estate of a country. What makes it even more dangerous is that it has transformed its size from the big screen in our loungerooms to small screens in our hands we call mobiles phones today.

    Just a click on a link and one can have access to loads of information in just a few seconds. This means different news, with diverse opinions.

    There’s no “stop” to free speech on the internet. To put it bluntly, the media does not work for the people or to pass on information to them.

    It plays in a way that only gardens of roses are seen by us. This serves as a factor to brainwash people and making them believe that everything is alright.

    But what actually needs to be seen is the reality of climate change, not reality tv shows.

    The only escape from this is to educate yourself and others about the actual crisis the world is facing, instead of getting your thoughts “manufactured” by machines.

    By: Shrouq Tariq

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