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Misconception of Women in Forced Marriage

    Misconception of Women in Forced Marriage

    Misconception of Women in Forced Marriage

    Misconception of Women in Forced Marriage

    The Prophet (SAW) said: “The Consent Of A Bride Is A Prerequisite To The Validity Of The Marital Contract

    Forced marriages are a serious concern for the well-being of the Islamic community. Islamic law should still be influenced by the pre-Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions and hold a major portion of the Islamic Law of Marriage and Divorce.

    Arabs and other Muslim communities around the world have forgotten the fundamentals such as humanitarianism, tolerance, and the progressive aspects of the religion of Islam.

    Forced marriages are the epicenter of failed families and depressed communities. Having been stripped of the consent of marriage in the early days results in regression of the human mind and its ability to perform.

    Previous research showcases factors affecting a person’s chances of having a happy conceptual marriage. Factors such as religious obligations and financial constraints.

    The obligations put upon a person for providing a better life while at the risk of self-deterioration is a growing threat to our communities.

    We must be culturally sensitive about this issue and it must be treated as such. We should be aware of our human rights as per Islamic Law and should spread awareness of the effects it has on the generations to come.

    A binary examination of consent and compulsion in marriage, including a criminal equity reaction pointed toward stalling such relationships through directives or potentially criminal procedures.

    This can not be accepted as the scope of limitations that ladies face in the issue of marriage.

    Women for a long time contended that not all ladies look to leave harmful families, and a more scarce number contended to initiate criminal or law enforcement procedures against relatives in instances of constrained marriage.

    By: Sonia Munawar

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