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Nature’s beauty

    Nature’s beauty

    Nature’s beauty

    “Nature’s beauty is truly dazzling”, I wonder, as I wander around nature’s glories in my garden, on a vivid summery morning.

    It is awe-inspiring; as beautiful as April rains – the sweet aroma that wafts through the bright, subtle flowers – like rare jewels sparkling in the morning light – brought alive by the delightful songs of the birds and the jingle-jangle of wind chimes – a perfect mix only Nature can create.

    I am home, yet I feel homesick for a place I have never been. I belong here, yet I miss the thought of belonging somewhere.

    I sit at home, and daydream about a strange, distant land; this unidentifiable desire consumes me – for I do not know what I long for, but I know I yearn for a place of reinvention, for limitless possibilities to wipe my slate clean and start anew, for a chance let go of the confining mental constructs – to re-create and re-envision my being in a way I choose.

    The floral fragrance wafts through the rustling flowers aligning the central fountain awakening in me an exclusive bond – I long to hold my breath and revel in my daydreams.

    I know the limitless existential conditions and well, the world can always use a dreamer.

    By: Zayneb Kazim

    Nature’s beauty

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