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    Our battle with this unprecedented time is not that easy. Some of you may be going through hard times. You may feel depressed and distressed.

    At some point in time, you might want to give up as well and that is completely normal. Being strong is good, but you don’t have to be strong on every occasion.

    It’s okay not to be strong sometimes. Don’t forget that you are a human and are allowed to be sad, be overwhelmed, or cry. Showing your emotions and embracing them is a sign of strength.

    An individual can only become strong after they are in control of their emotions. Forget about Intelligence Quotient (IQ), nowadays the most valuable skill is the Emotional Quotient (EQ).

    Our emotions are one of the significant contributors to our success or failure in our life because they influence our ability to motivate and self-manage.

    However, the essential thing that needs to be remembered is not to give up. Life can turn out like how you have always imagined it to be in your dreams, you just got to keep the faith and continue moving forward. Keep the fire of hope burning within you because it is the only hope that can make you feel alive.

    Life is fluid. As the rule, the universe eventually maintains its balance which means you are not meant to spend your entire life this way. This is just a phase that will ultimately pass.

    But in the end, you will emerge much stronger and braver than before. Because of this reason, the famous quote “this too shall pass” is applicable in both good and bad times.

    Remember “crisis comes to serve the person who wants to use it as fuel”. Keep in mind that you are always built to shine.

    By: Tehreem Siraj

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