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Positive Impacts of Covid

    Positive Impacts of Covid

    Positive impacts of Covid on offices

    Everyone is talking about the negative impacts of the pandemic, how badly it affects businesses. I want to point out some of the positive impacts of covid on offices which are being neglected.

    Covid makes us realize that we do not need offices for work rather, we could work from home efficiently. The huge investment, we waste on the office building, office assets, and bills can be used for some productive purposes.

    So this pandemic teaches us how to work without an office. Work from home not only saves money but also the precious time that employees waste in traveling to their offices.

    It is very hectic to travel early in the morning to reach the office on time. During the lockdown, people learn to work from home by using their laptops.

    They were not bound to follow a rigid routine from 9 to 5. The task was assigned to them, and they deliver in a given period. Employees work from their homes in a relaxed mood with a cup of coffee and 0% stress.

    People who are engaged in some creative work need a proper environment to think. They cannot give you amazing ideas by sitting in a closed room.

    If they start working from their favorite place they could come out with splendid ideas. Human beings love to be independent they perform better in an independent environment.

    Covid -19 introduces the independence of work for both employee and the boss. Organizations should start accepting this type of work environment instead of spending money on office space.

    They should allow their employees to stay home, save their time and money to have the best results. Only a few employees should be in the office who need a little space to run their operation.

    By: Kubbra Maroof

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