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Prison a suitable punishment

    Prison a suitable punishment

    Prison, a suitable punishment

    prison a suitable punishment, Is prison a suitable punishment?

    Instead of giving wrongdoers simple and community service punishments, this has been a tradition in every country to put the people behind the bars for committing first-time and even minor offenses.

    Which, apparently cost millions to feed and provide them with luxurious facilities in jails.

    The fact can not be denied that, as mentioned in every constitution, arresting someone is to disable him/her of their life and liberty.

    Therefore, firstly we better find rhyme and reason behind the commission of such offenses.

    However, the offense is against human nature, that’s why only mentally ill and frustrated people could do it, especially when they find nothing good to render for the amelioration of the society.

    Literature also plays a vital role in reducing crimes, In the case that, all the folks are taught good literature and positive behavior.

    Unfortunately, our educational institutions do not think ahead for this important task.

    Thus we have commercialized this profession, Therefore the Government better play its role in solving the issues being faced by our people in society.

    Prison a suitable punishment

    Such as; Poverty, inflation, illiteracy, unemployment, and specifically poor schooling system.

    The government should work on alleviating the youth from depressive environments by providing them with something good and positive which could transfer their lives from darkness to light simultaneously.

    By: Tariq Ali Shah

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