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    Telemarketer or salesmen. 

    We are brought up on the notion that calling someone too much on a constant basis is harassment and a chargeable offense and even a form of stalking but I guess this does not apply to the infamous telemarketer.telemarketer

    I’ve had just about enough of the Indians calling me a month ago, let alone now and the continuous disturbance and annoyance that continues today, calls at random times day or night, emails everyday asking you to pretty much hire them to make a website for me or sell me a home phone plane. I mean seriously if I wanted a product t or service

    We I’d bloody look you up when I need you, stop harnessing and disturbing my life.

    You have no idea what I’m doing at that moment, could potentially be destroying peoples thoughts and ideas at the time that might be someone’s whole future.

    Oh there we go it’s 7:40pm and I just got one again this time for an idea, they said apparently I had an idea they were following up on. I said well if I had an idea God knows when, then it’s probably gone by now don’t you think lol lucky she got the point. From Pennsylvania this time wow!

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