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The present is Now!

    The present is Now!

    The present is Now!

    The present is now!, Are we living in our present, right?

    What basically is our present?

    If we reflect on it, I believe we are never living in our present. We are either regretting our past, cherishing past moments, or thinking of reshaping our future. The present is Now!

    Where is our present?

    Why are we not living in our present?

    Our present is now, it is those moments that we miss in the run of past and future. All our lives we keep skipping and ignoring the present while trying to fix the past or achieve the future.

    We don’t cherish the “Now” Moments, we humans, spend all our lives earning money, fame, and love just to save it for the future.

    We have forgotten to involve our ‘today’ in it, Instead of waiting for big achievements in our future let’s make our present an achievement for us.

    Let’s just forget what has gone or what has to come and just admire and live for what we have today. Let’s just start from zero and make every moment worthwhile. Let’s transform our past and future into our present.

    Love who we are instead of who we were or who we will be. Leave what hurt us behind and grab hold of new beginnings waiting for us today.

    Why is it so difficult to forgo what we couldn’t get? These mood swings, anxiety, depressions sadness, and loneliness are all we have when we keep hold on to the past or thinking of difficulties tomorrow.

    While running to reach the top of the never-ending mountain we ignore and bypass all the beautiful flowers and aroma of nature that was waiting for us to look at.

    Our present is what we need to live in. It’s like that abandoned shadow that follows us all the way just to be ignored. Our present needs us. It needs us Now!


    By: Mehwish Malik

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