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Time Heals Everything

    Time Heals Everything

    Time Heals Everything

    Time Heals Everything; Life can never bring good to those people who believe ‘first impression is the last impression’. Opportunity comes when it’s time, scratches heal in time and even the people you miss will rush back to you when it’s time. Don’t judge the day by ‘ how ‘ it looks, judge it by how it can look and how you want it to look like.

    Time has a great cure in it. No matter how big the wound is, no matter how much the heart is broken; time will make it all okay one day. Life can never bring happiness forever. The hardships come as a blessing in order to make us strong and consistent.

    In our daily life, we face happiness and trouble altogether. It’s up to us whether we stop at these hard times or move on to continue life. Meantime it seems that life has slowed down or it’s not possible to move further.

    Losing someone is the biggest grief a human can ever go through. It is not compensable by any worldly substantial. But time can make a slight release in that pain. Human psychology is blessed with ‘forgetting’. Humans forget the past, with the passage of time.

    Time Heals Everything

    Although time heals the hurt, there is always no guarantee that how long it will take to heal entirely. What difference that healing will bring to the life and personality of the person.

    Briefly, leaving everything in time and putting no effort to come out of the pain will make the wound take longer to heal. The will-power of the person matters so much. Give time to the hurt, to the pain, to the broken heart.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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