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United we stand

    United we stand

    United we stand

    United we stand; In past times, people lived individually near the Nile River and other surrounding areas. They followed the concept of living alone and that brought nothing but chaos and destruction. The people starved to death if there was too short rain. In the case of too much rain, water overflowed and ruined everything they had.

    Because, it was really hard to build dams or dig canal routes for long distances to protect areas, and no person could offer that overwhelming measure of laborers alone as well.

    So Gradually, they realized that the only way to get out of the superstition of living prosperously even while living divided. They started believing in unity and became a single nation ready to meet any coming challenges.

    After calamities and failures, they came to know that unity is what matters for the life ahead. So they eventually proclaimed the idiom sometimes mentioned even in present times, which is ‘United We Stand’.

    Instead of believing that I alone can do everything, I must praise unity which would surely strengthen me, and that I have special obligations towards its members inspires me to care about others and make sacrifices on their behalf. Without unity and nationalism, we would be living in tribal chaos.

    Unity is support, satisfaction and so produces happiness. Therefore the only way to move ahead and have something good and fascinating, we too, will have to carry out the idiom which says, ‘United we Stand’ in our lives.

    By: Tariq Ali Shah

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