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Violence against Women

    Violence against Women

    Violence against Women

    There are almost 1 million women all around Asia, who are victims of domestic abuse. A large number of women are sexually assaulted and raped each year. Overall, in our society, one in four women experience violence in their lifetime, with years of psychological abuse.

    Violence against girls and women is a crime that requires a focused government approach. Government should make it a solid ambition to end this violence. This is not a short-term goal, the achievement of which will not be easy. But it is essential to make it clear that no violence should be endured or acceptable all over the world.

    Essential steps

    Our vision is to make a society in which women can live freely without any fear or threat. To achieve this, society needs to:

    • Prevent such violence from happening
    • Provide proper support to victims
    • Work in partnership to stop this curse
    • Take action and implement severe punishments to reduce the risk of these crime

    The approach to control violence against women is a part of an overall approach to handle and remove all crimes from society. So each individual should take part in this act. We must teach our males how to respect a woman and how to protect her. Heavy punishments must be given to such creeps who do such violence as a lesson for others.

    This is a serious issue and we need to understood, acknowledged, and take steps to make a crime-free society.

    By: Hamna Ghufran

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