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Climate change and earth day

    Climate change and earth day

    Climate change and earth day

    Joe Biden observed the issues of climate change and earth day. Biden is the one who reintroduced laws requiring large infrastructure projects to be evaluated.

    The projects are to go through climate an impact evaluation. Before they can begin a move that might create delays.

    Biden is encouraging countries to cease buying Russian oil and gas since the white house seeks to deprive Moscow of its finances.

    It needs to conduct its war in Ukraine to keep its competing agendas from colliding. The white house claims that sky-high gas prices and the Russian conflict just emphasized the need for the US.

    They claim to transition to clean and renewable energy sources soon, removing the need to purchase oil and gas.

    The simmering tension came to a head last week. It is when the administration said to begin auctions for energy corporations for drilling gas oil and gas.

    However, in the news on federal lands, the discharge was sent Friday evening sometime recently easter end of the week and a week sometime recently soil day.  

    Biden campaigned on ending new drilling on federal lands.  

    According to white house sources, a court ruling required the administration to hold a new lease auction.


    On MSNBC, Gina McCarthy is allegedly considering resigning. Republican stonewalling and Democratic infighting in the Senate have hampered the administration’s climate agenda.

    McCarthy has disputed claims that she had resigned, claiming that she has not yet done so.

    Biden remains committed to not moving through with mire drilling on public lands.

    Biden stated last month that he would release 1 million barrels of oil per day from the country reserve. One of many moves aimed at lowering gas costs shortly.

    The white house has hailed the actions of president as solid, visible efforts to cut costs ahead of an election.

    He believes that many climate groups have been incredibly aware of the short-term decisions. There is much need to help working families in this grave situation.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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