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Elizabeth Holmes was guilty

    Elizabeth Holmes was guilty

    Elizabeth Holmes was guilty

    Elizabeth Holmes was guilty of plotting to commit fraud. This lady is a 38-year-old American former entrepreneur who established a medical diagnostic corporation known as Theranos.

    The company introduced its first-ever product. The laboratory test claimed to perform lab procedures on a single person using only a few drops of blood.

    This method has the potential to change the medical collection of data.

    The standard testing process requires drawing blood using a large needle to fill one tube, which is quite painful and costly for the patients.

    The Theranos testing method, on the other hand, required a smaller amount of blood from a fingerpick. This process was less painful and less costly. In 2014, Elizabeth was among the world’s youngest self-made female billionaires.


    Elizabeth Holmes was guilty due to the faulty machinery used by the company to run tests and fraud against investors. The Edison, a device that performed various blood tests, often produced the wrong result.

    The tests involved more than 176,000 patients. The machine sometimes did not diagnose the disease properly. And sometimes, it diagnosed a condition the person did not possess.

    Nothing was done by Elizabeth, despite knowing about the problem with the device. The employees who tried to inform Elizabeth got fired. O some r resigned due to Elizabeth’s behavior.

    A collaboration with another corporation to run tests on cancer patients brought this matter to light. Elizabeth Holmes was guilty. Then she started the nasty three-wire fraud. It was for 11 charges. However, she denied the charges, not accepting the faults and mistakes.

    A miniseries that reflects the story of Elizabeth Holmes’s rise and fall to fame is coming out. It is known as “The Standout.” In short, was showing how a self-made entrepreneur became famous in one moment. And lost everything in the next.

    The ending of the series shows Elizabeth’s never-changing behavior. And negligence toward the lives of thousands of people.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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