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Elon Musk bid for Twitter

    Elon Musk bid for twitter

    Elon Musk for Twitter

    Elon Musk bid for Twitter concerns the employees of the social media giant. It all started on April 4 when the billionaire tweeted about owning 9 percent of the company’s shares and becoming the largest shareholder.

    To stop Musk from becoming a shareholder of 15 percent of the company, the company’s board offered the board seat. The “poison pill” offered to Musk is a board seat, which is a way to say no to Musk’s offer. At first, Musk accepted the offer but later unaccepted it.

    After that, the billionaire presented a filing with the Security and Exchange Commission, hinting that Musk’s target is not just to be a part of the company’s board.

    On Thursday, April 14, Musk offered a deal to buy Twitter. Many people already assumed that Musk would try to buy the whole company after becoming the largest shareholder, and it came true.

    Elon Musk bid to buy Twitter at $54 a share, a total of $43 billion. The billionaire called this offer the best and final deal. Musk also shared that to bring changes to the social media site and it must go private.


    The billionaire has posted trolling tweets about the social media giant previously. Musk has already started tweeting polls asking nearly 80 million followers what changes the audience would like to see on Twitter.

    Musk reportedly wants to change Twitter and protect democracy and free speech. Twitter barricades and deletes malicious posts and accounts. According to Musk, these do not support free speech.

    The company’s staff is concerned about Musk’s concept of “free speech.”

    After announcing the bid to buy Twitter, Musk appeared for an interview with Chris Anderson, the founder of Ted Talks.

    In the interview, Musk revealed the will to support the free speech and democracy of the people. Musk will not back off that easily, and the company is also willing to fight hard.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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