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Ezra Miller was arrested

    Ezra Miller was arrested

    Ezra Miller was arrested

    Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii for misconduct. The actor’s arrest pushed back the premiere of “The Flash,” which was due in November. Ezra Matthew Miller is a 29-year-old well-known American actor.

    Miller is also famous as “The Flash” in the “League of Legends.” According to reports, “The Flash” actor was at a karaoke bar in Hawaii on March 28. It is when police came to arrest him.

    The actor allegedly became irritated, seized a woman’s microphone, and lunged at a man playing darts, causing the couple to order a restraining order against Miller.

    Before this, a video of the actor choking a woman in Iceland went viral. According to a report, Miller used to have frequent breakdowns on the filming set. The actor is having a rough time in life.

    “The Flash” cast includes Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, Ron Livingston, and Temuera Morrison. The promising cast of the film has stirred anticipation among the audience.

    It took some time the filming, and finally, it was ready for release in November 2022. But unfortunately, there was a delay in release until June 23, 2023.


    Ezra Miller was arrested and soon released on bail, but it doesn’t end here. Miller may have to deal with bigger problems.

    According to reports, Warner Bros. and DC arranged an emergency meeting to discuss the whole situation. After the meeting, the actor’s schedules were about to hold. But Warner Bros. disagreed with having an emergency meeting.

    Fans who are not happy with the actors’ current issues are demanding to remove Ezra Miller from the film and give the role to Grant Gustin. Grant Gustin has previously played the role of The Flash in the CW series in 2014.

    Because of the arresting news of Ezra Miller, the actor is going through a hard time at an important time in life. For now, the release date for “The Flash” is June 23, 2023.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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