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Madeleine Albright dies at 84

    Madeleine Albright dies at 84

    Madeleine Albright dies at 84

    Madeleine Albright dies at 84, it was one of the most shocking news on the internet. The Right Reverend MADELEINE ALBRIGHT; an American diplomat.

    She served for the USA as the 64th Secretary of State and passed away at 84 after a long battle with cancer. Madam Albright was the very first female Secretary of State, shattering a social barrier.

    Furthermore, Albright was an energetic lady of her words. Her strong-headedness cause the world to be a better place.

    Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton were able to follow in her footsteps. She had been a refugee twice, once from the Nazis and again from Communism. Madam Secretary Albright was a truly outstanding person. Madeleine was a good lady but Albright dies at 84 after having a long battle with cancer.

    Albright was also the first woman to occupy the job. the t lady was also the greatest female official in the administration at the time. Albright was later diagnosed with cancer and had trouble fighting it. She was indeed a brave and courageous lady.

    Madeleine Albright as a Leader

    Albright manage the United States’ engagement with the United Nations by President-elect Bill Clinton in 1992. In January 1993 she was sworn in as the United States’ official ambassador to the United Nations.

    Madeleine rapidly established herself as a serious contender. She became a proponent of “forceful global cooperation” during her four years as Secretary of State.

    Madeleine Albright dies at 84

    Albright rapidly established herself as a sturdy and forthright problem-solver in her new post as she had to see the matter and a wide range of difficulties. During her time as Secretary of State; Albright advocated for greater global democracy and freedom.

    Albright was pushing for the organization’s involvement to expand. It was due to direct military intervention in Kosovo during the humanitarian catastrophe in 1999.

    She was a key figure in efforts to improve US relations with countries like China and Vietnam as a diplomat. Albright was a very important and main person who was able to make settlements among the Arabs and Israelis.

    Albright brought peace to the world. Madam was the first lady to visit North Korea as an American Secretary of state. The internet broke as the people were furious to know that Madeleine Albright dies at 84.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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