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Mother’s Day

    Mother's day

    Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 8 every year. This day devotes to all women who bring care and love to our lives. It is a day that recalls us of the importance and significance of mothers in our life.

    History of Mother’s Day:

    Julia Ward Howe, an American author, first launched a failed attempt to start a Mother’s Day celebration on June 2, 1872.  Later, Howe suggested celebrating Mother’s Day every July 4. However, her efforts also failed to take hold. 

    Finally, Anna Jarvis, who was neither a mother nor had children, officially organized this day. She announced to celebrate Mother’s Day in May 1908.

    In the same year, John Wanamaker, a store owner of the Philadelphia department, first lent his money for this purpose. Hundreds of people attended a Mother’s Day event at the Wanamaker’s store. Soon, Jarvis tried to make Mother’s Day a national holiday.

    Consequently, in 1912, towns or churches started to celebrate Mother’s Day annually in many countries. In 1914, President Wilson established to honor Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. In the early 1920s, Hallmark began selling Mother’s Day cards at this event. 

    Happy Mother's day

    The Current Perspective:

    Recently, many people argued against celebrating Mother’s Day. They said this day could be hurtful for infertile women or for those who have lost their children. So, seeing this perspective, it’s been proposed to replace Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with Guardians Day. 

    Hallmark continued to sell Mother’s Day cards for people who have not given birth or who are dog moms or aunts or simply friends. 

    Jarvis, who had started to celebrate Mother’s Day, eventually resented the day’s commercial appeal. When she saw people were spending money to buy cards, flowers, and candles. She then started to urge people not to do so. She has also tried to force the federal government to remove this day from the calendar. 

    But from the initial description that Jarvis had told, it becomes clear that Mother’s Day was not just about the happiness of mothers. But it is the health of the whole family. 

    In reality, this day can be painful, especially for women struggling with infertility and loss. But this day is valuable even if you are not a mother. Anna Jarvis was never a mother.

    We can honor the deceased mothers on this day by presenting flowers. For instance, bouquets are still delivered to widows in North Carolina, Chicago, and Massachusetts mothers who have lost their children.

    By: Tayyaba Zareen

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