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Russia’s Biggest Attack Yet

    Russia's Biggest Attack Yet

    Russia’s Biggest Attack Yet

    A very long air raid has commenced on Ukraine’s biggest city.

    Reports say Kharkiv, one of the biggest cities in Ukraine is under attack again, commenced last night.
    Over 16 hours of bombardment divested the Ukrainian city.
    Apparently, there were early warning signs of this attack, so it was not a surprise attack.

    Russia has launched an unprecedented and devastating attack on Ukraine, leaving a trail of destruction and loss of life in its wake.

    The attack, which has been condemned by the international community, has resulted in significant human suffering and damage to critical insfrastruction.

    The situation remains volatile and uncertain with far-reaching implication for global peace and security.

    The sheer scale of destruction is staggering, with entire cities reduced to rubble and critical infrastructure left in shambles. The echoes of war reverberate far and wide, a stark remainder of the devastating costs of conflict and the urgent need for peace.

    2 power stations have been bombed on the 22 march.

    It is believed that Russia has a force of 30000 over the border now.


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