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Teacher Appreciation Day

    Teacher Appreciation Day

    Teacher Appreciation Day

    Teacher Appreciation Day is celebrated on May 3-6 every year. In 1984, this day was first celebrated on the first week of May. It is also known as National Teacher Day. Teachers are true blessings, and they play a vital role in our children’s lives.

    They inspired them with a lifelong love of learning and making a difference in their social-emotional well-being and long-term success. On this occasion, businesses do discounts on everything from store discounts to food freebies.

    This year, teacher appreciation day officially kicks off from Monday until Friday. And the special discount lasts longer at the nation’s two largest office supply stores, Staples and Office Depot.

    Additionally, some restaurants offer free meals to teachers. While others offer, a buy one gets one free deal.

    Teacher Appreciation Day

    Special discount for teachers:

    There is a special discount on this event. However, it may vary from location to location. Business owners check teachers’ school IDs before giving discounts.

    While some of them make a restaurant or store app or sign up for the email so, before proceeding, always check with your closest location.

    Zaxby’s BOGO:

    Zaxby’s BOGO has set a buy one gets one free deal for teachers and Nurses. If you buy a boneless wings meal, you will get one free. In addition, this company has also set discounts both in-store and through the app. You can avail this offer in both ways.

    Barnes & Noble Cafes:

    Barnes & Noble Cafes will give teachers a free cup of hot tea or iced coffee after confirming their identities. 

    Nekter Juice Bar:

    Nekter Juice Bar will offer 16-ounce superfood smoothies for only $3. To get this offer, teachers must show a valid ID.

    Dollar General:

    Dollar General is giving a 5% discount for a limited time. For this offer, teachers first need to sign in through the app. After verifying their teacher’s credentials, they will need to add an exclusive teacher-only DG digital coupon. Within 24 to 48 hours, a coupon will appear. Then they will get their deal.

    The primary purpose of celebrating Teacher appreciation day is to pay tribute to all teachers. Indeed, they are genuinely selfless public servants. This day reminds us how important teachers are in our society, and we thank all teachers for their priceless efforts.

    By: Tayyaba Zareen

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