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Trevor Strand Died

    Trevor Strand Died

    Trevor Strand Died

    US melodic death metal band named the Black Dahlia Murder co-founder and lead vocalist Trevor Strand died at the age of 41. His death is confirmed by his bandmates on social media. The contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline was shared with the announcement of his death. The cause behind his death is not shared.

    His bandmates express their grief over his death by recalling him as one of the most entertaining people, a great hugger, and a writer. Recollecting their memories, the group stated him as a beloved son and a good brother.

    Trevor Strand Died

    The Black Dahlia Murder was founded in 2000. The most recent release from this metal band in 2020 was Verminous.

    Among the fluctuating lineup of the band, Trevor Strand and Brian Eschbach were the only constant members of the group.

    Trevor Strand described horror and metal as a healthy outlet for negative energy. Strand became a part of heavy metal due to his childhood obsession with horror films and fantasy. He has a lot of music about dragons and skeletons etc.

    Onstage Trevor Strand was a force who knew how to get attention with the smallest details. His devotion to performing death metal and preserving that elevating scene was one of its kind. With his death, the band has lost their most charismatic frontman and the most passionate advocate for underground music of any generation.

    Alongside being fun and partying hard, he was a fearless lyricist who would seemingly change the direction of music to his thoughts.

    Strand was quick to laugh. He usually never takes things so seriously. With the brightest one in his onstage performance, offstage he was considered to be the smartest guy in the record store.

    Throughout his life, Strand lived largely and pampered his passion for life and music. He also invited others to join him in his journey.

    However, apart from all these, Strand took his own life which shows how laughter can be deceptive. Depression and darkness sometimes consume the brightest ones.

    By: Javairia Israr

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