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UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result

    UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result

    UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result

    UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result is declared, and Colby Covington is making it personal after defeating Jorge Masvidal.

    Masvidal and Covington were once great friends, roommates, and teammates.

    When Covington joined at American Top Team in 2011 following an excellent wrestling career at Oregon State University, Masvidal served as a mentor.

    Masvidal assisted Covington with his wrestling talents, while Covington assisted Masvidal in teaching Covington how to strike.

    Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal did not exchange gloves at the outset of their UFC 272 main event on Saturday night, which is a typical display of sportsmanship and respect between athletes when their prizefights begin.

    But no way was going to happen for these two warriors, former colleagues, and roommates whose relationship had degenerated in the most intimate of ways.

    The two guys are no longer able to stand each other. Covington feels Masvidal attacked him in the back because he was jealous of his success.

    UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result

    Background of UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result:

    Even though the Covington-Masvidal feud was not the result of a marketing plan, it was the fight’s most compelling selling element.

    There was no championship upon that line, making this an off the kind pay-per-view event.

    While there is little room for advancement due to this triumph, the stakes were enormous. For a warrior, resolving a genuine grudge is crucial.

    Despite being built in a more organic hatred, the buildup of Covington vs. Masvidal was tedious in contrast — in part due to the nature of their grudge and how deep it extends.

    Masvidal showed flashes of brilliance in the second round and knocked out Covington in the fourth. On the other hand, Covington was in command for the majority of the bout.

    When the bell rang, Covington took out his mouthpiece, stuck out his tongue at Masvidal, and blew a kiss to him.

    At the very least of UFC 272 Masvidal vs. Covington Result, the aftermath confirmed that this grudge was as genuine as it gets to use a phrase from the early days of the UFC.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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