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Vacuum bomb in Ukraine

    Vacuum bomb in Ukraine

    Vacuum bomb in Ukraine

    Vacuum bomb in Ukraine according to the news, Ukraine’s ambassador has accused Russia of firing a vacuum bomb on Ukraine’s Soil during its invasion.

    This bomb is far more lethal than other explosives and severely affects anyone captured in its strike zone.

    A vacuum bomb, also known as an aerosol bomb, comprises two separate explosive charges in a gasoline container and is fired like a missile or thrown from an airplane as a bomb.

    President Putin warned on February 24 in a TV broadcast that Russia could not feel safe because of what he believed was a persistent danger from Ukraine. Russia launched a deadly aerial, ground, and sea invasion of Ukraine, a 44-million-strong European democratic country.

    The rapid onslaught on airports and military offices was followed by the arrival of Russian tanks and troops.

    Vacuum bomb in Ukraine

    Why would Russia bomb Ukraine?

    Vacuum bombs in Ukraine are exploding even though Ukraine has never experienced genocide, and it is a democracy led by a Jewish president.

    Fighter jets have bombarded major cities like Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and Russian soldiers have taken control of Kherson, a critical southern port.

    On top of that, Russia declines to use the phrases “war” and “invasion.” Putin stated that the goal was to protect individuals who had been bullied or exposed to a genocide in Ukraine.

    There were major traffic jams, sold-out train tickets, and long lineups to evacuate just hours after the Russian invasion began on Thursday.

    At least 160,000 people in Ukraine have been displaced within the country. It is estimated that the number could rise to seven million, with 18 million Ukrainians affected by the invasion.

    Many people are fleeing the country, but thousands of Ukrainians have fought for the country and its people after Russia launched a massive invasion with a Vacuum bomb in Ukraine.

    Many civilians have been giving blood to injured warriors, and many have signed up for military service.

    It is vital to have information about the situation to help the people going through it.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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