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World’s Oldest Living Dog

    World's Oldest Living Dog

    World’s Oldest Living Dog

    A TobyKeith Chihuahua from Florida has recently broken the world’s oldest living dog record. He is a rescue Chihuahua, and indeed, his story is beyond magical. He was born on January 9, 2001.

    For the last decades, the dog owner’s family has been surprised to think it was the world’s oldest living dog. Because he had crossed the average life expectancy of a Chihuahua, 12 to 18 years. On March 16, the 21 years old Chihuahua has verified as the World’s oldest living dog in Guinness World Records.

    When Guinness had confirmed the TobyKeith’s record, the old-timer got a bath, pedicure, and a car ride. Dog owner Gisela Shore said to Guinness; I had to adopt him from a shelter when he was a puppy. During that time, I was working for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue.

    One of the employees told me that an elderly couple was trying to surrender the puppy because they couldn’t care for it. I met with the couple and took the puppy from them. She further said the couple had first named him Peanut Butter, and later, I changed it to TobyKeith.

    World's Oldest Living Dog

    Although, many dogs start facing health issues when they reach a certain age. But Shore said I am astonished at how well he is doing at 147 years old (in dog years).

    Shore said, do you want to know what could be the reason for his long life? Indeed, daily exercise, loving home with two other dogs and two parrots, caretaker owner Shore and healthy diets such as rice and veggies are the secrets behind his old age.

    Daily Routine of the World’s oldest living dog:

    TobyKeith’s day starts with a morning walk. He then eats his favorite snack, which is a slice of turkey. He goes on short walks throughout the day. After that, he sits with her owner while she works.

    Although Toby Keith’s owner has a heart issue, he does not bother me too much, she said. I am shocked that my little guy has reached such a milestone. 

    Guinness said that the oldest dog ever recorded in history was an Australian cattle dog that lived 29 years and 5 months.

    By: Tayyaba Zareen

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