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Apex Typing Scam

    Apex Typing Scam

    Apex Typing Scam

    Apex Typing Scam ; Scams throughout the world are on the rise, we see huge unemployment issues. People have lost their livelihood. This issue has been taken advantage of by many scammers, who were waiting for this Golden opportunity.Apex Typing Scam

    One of those Scammers includes Apex Typing,,

    The first website has been sold and all its records of existence wiped which leads us to believe this was done by people with power and resources.

    The second website is down but the domain still exists and we will share with you the details below. This is known to be a website that provides data entry jobs to people. It requires no experience or educational background.

    How they proceed.

    They normally advertise on buy & sell or websites like Olx and, they claim to provide data entry work, and pay ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 monthly.

    After making contact with these people, they inform you they will pay you for typing up content.

    They ask you to get yourself registered with them by paying an initial sign up fee amounting to PKR.2000

    After you have paid them, they block you instantly. If you try to contact them through their numbers and email, you will never get any response.

    The address given for Apextyping is fake, the FBR-approved certificate is also fake, but so many poor victims did not know of this.

    Some Information about this company:

    Mobile Numbers: +92309-8235087, +92309-1791989

    Email Address: [email protected]


    Domain Registrar Name: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.

    Important Dates: Registered On 2017-10-01, Updated On 2020-09-01, Expires On 2021-10-01.


    Name Servers:


    Registrant Contact Information:



    Apex Typing Scam

    Address: 5335 Gate Parkway

    City: Jacksonville

    State / Province: FL

    Postal Code: 32256

    Country: US

    Phone: +1.9027492701

    Email: [email protected]


    By: Mehwish Malik

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