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    This is my personal experience with bancdebinary a couple years ago.


    2015/01/13/ banc-de-binary-trading-options

    A few months ago I received repeated calls trying to push and talk me into joining, promising great wealth where I could sit back and earn money on autopilot.

    After about the fifteenth call I gave in and placed $250 with them which they said they would double whatever I put into my account with them. Which didn’t happen until I wasted so much money on credit for my cell phone trying to call them repeatedly because they would always hang up on me when I brought up the subject or asked to speak to the manager or someone in charge.

    I eventually received the double up a couple weeks later.

    Then they tried to talk me into paying more money for someone to tell me how to make money, which thank god I refused because I had no more money to give them.

    I then did some research to why nothing was automated to making money and how it all works, so I found out I had to play this trading game and place money into trades that I thought were going to go up and etc.

    After about a month of placing trades and loosing I then got the hang of it a little and made my money back to $480 or so, so I called them to inquire about cashing out. They said I agreed to the contract that by taking the double up that I wouldn’t be able to cash out unless I made $20,000.00 or spent $20,000.00 playing.

    I tried to explain that this was not clearly explained to me that I couldn’t get any money back if I put money in and the person who repeatedly called me in the first place had said “look you can back out and take the money out of your account whenever u feel you need to or have had enough” and I have had enough, I really need the money to pay bills as I’m about to shift property’s so can I at least get something out even a hundred please.

    He said OK I’ll put the application in and we will see what happens it might go through or it might decline. So I said fine at least try thanx.

    After not hearing from them for a week and me patiently waiting for money to appear in my bank account. I go on my account with Banc de binary to try my luck to gain more money, my account won’t let me.

    I’m thinking maybe its still processing and wait another week then I try again, nothing. So I email them and try to contact them and I am unable to get anywhere.

    So I give it a rest for a while as my new gf is keeping me busy, a whole month goes by and I log into my account once more I try to place some money into currency and a message quickly pops up and then disappears saying. “Customer is suspended from trade”. etc

    original link:

    I had totally forgotten I wrote all this when I had no idea how to make a website?
    Don’t get fooled, people!


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