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    Recently there has been some scams going on, on the Daraz platform by criminals.

    A Customer writes:

    I shop a lot on as i’m a busy man, i receive many parcels so usually when they come to the door i expect daraz and the mail company to know what they are doing so i pay for the items and check them later.

    Lately I’ve noticed that some parcels have my address but not my name, they are not even my orders but have my address on them.

    I have complained and asked daraz to punish these scammers but i guess nothing has been done about it. Today they told me i can not even return these parcels starting at 1000rs and higher.

    They say i Can Not Return them because they are not my parcels, so tell them why are you sending them to my house and they seam to blame me for accepting the parcel instead if realizing i’m the victim, they rather support the Scammers and criminals using their platform to commit the crimes.


    Upon inquiries with daraz, it seams this kind of thing does happen and all they can do is apologize but not reimburse the victims nor have they made any changes or started to implement a solution to battle these crimes committed on their platform / website.


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