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Optus Customer Service Really A Big Fat Scam?

    Talking about OPTUS Telecommunications being a big fat Scam.optus scam

    Lets not talk about the bad reception and pricing scam for the last ten years iv’e experienced, that’s to be expected and we deal with it.

    But what about …

    after hours customer service

    credit card details


    international support

    bad communication

    bad products

    being stingy

    bad mobile applications

    over seas jobs

    we don’t expect flybuys where we get 1 cent from every dollar but seriously at-least a reasonable honest service, be loyal to your costumer and he has been loyal to you from the beginning don’t you think.

    still no 3g coverage

    accounts no history for ten years

    records inaccessible

    10 years + loyalty

    lost account details

    after being verified they cant make you an online account and lost your email that they asked for at signup ten years ago.

    to be edited & extended/ explained, i need sleep, been on the phone to optus on hold for ages, hung up on a few times and the shitty service witch took ages.





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