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Wiseling Scam

    Wiseling Scam

    Wiseling Scam alert!


    Wiseling Scam alert

    Wiseling Scam

    So it appears as of 19/2/21 Wiseling took everyone’s money and ran off.

    Headed by a man called Lappo Matias.

    Even though is down and so is the app, is still up and linking to

    The Wiseling domain name was registered and still is with is registered with

    All these domain names have a registered owner, SSL certificates, and a Cloudflare account.

    So it shouldn’t be hard to find these people or some of their associates at least seaming you need to provide emails and phone numbers and addresses for such things.

    A few days before Wiseling, was also down for a few days (13th – 16th).

    They are connected as they were the only way to get money in and out of

    Maybe let’s not rule out even more involvement, and perhaps Wiseling’s decisions were the reason it went down for a few days.

    Let’s hope the Authorities find and bring all these people to justice as an example for all those scammers out there, trying these things.

    When you visit the social media pages of Wiseling, you now have multiple scammers already trying to scoop up those poor victims into other scams.

    Their domain names are less than a year old.

    It’s almost like the thinkers and builders behind wiseling arranged new scams to be up and live before wiseling even shut down.

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