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    Get 10% cash from every single sale or purchase THEY make just by sharing your link @ chikenfeed


    I find Chikenfeed a great alternative to eBay, seaming its got most of the items i shop for online and a cheaper price too. Nowadays eBay has become a place for sellers to compete with each other so much to the point where they have risen their prices to the roof, where once it used to be a cheaper alternative to shopping centers like Walmart and Kmart is now an untrusted auctioning place for the rate race.

    shopping online has always been about cheaper prices and shipping, FREE shipping at that. not only has cheap prices and free shipping on all products, it also gives you a free tracking number if your purchases are over $20 and i know mine usually are lol, but there’s something else different or special if you’d like to call it about chikenfeed. gives you or anyone the opportunity to really make cash the easy way, its not the usual referral system either, where you get a one off small payment for each customer you make, it pays you %5 – %10 of every shop that person and every person does that clicks on your link. simple right?

    i have personally spoken with the website admin and they assure me this is no joke!

    i usually just shop online but i got curious the other day and thought id make a referral link for myself seaming there’s nothing to loose but i wont past it here, the thing is the prices are the same for everyone, this 10% i or you receive is from the profit that chikenfeed makes on its items and i have never in my life heard of or seen a business giving away their profits so you cant deny that’s a thumbs up!

    and no this is not a promotion article, i wont get payed for this lolz.

    apparently the website developer came up with this idea for the poor university students and anyone else really because there was never a simple and free with nothing to loose system to make a little cash here and there and he couldn’t understand it. i my self wish this was around when i was in the dumps, not that i’m doing so great now but still. a process where you just copy and past your link on Facebook or twitter and if and when someone clicks on it to see what its all about cos they like shopping online too and if they buy something or make an account and you get a little payout every time they shop, you come back once a month to check and if they have done shopping you have some cash waiting for you, is i must say a pretty genius process of things to come.

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