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    Elo (exportleftovers)

    Exportleftovers is a shopping website for outfits, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other cool elegant stuff.

    The website is owned by Umar Qamar who is also the co-founder of ExportLeftOvers.

    Elo is a textile manufacturing company that basically exports the branded clothes to around 50 countries in the world.

    The story of the foundation of this eStore is interesting. The main purpose of Elo is to trade the products that are somehow rejected or left after exporting. This notion makes high-quality products available to those who can’t afford quality products because of high cost.

    The benefits of shopping from Elo include free shipping over 1499 Rupees. A 30-day return policy is provided which develops trust between company and consumer.

    Other than that, campaigns like promo codes and gift cards are also offered. Different payment methods are also available on the site.

    Elo provides vigilant help center services to the customers making sure that no problem is being faced by customers regarding purchasing. A quick live chat option is also available for instant guidance.

    Apart from shopping, Elo provides online hiring facilities to talented people. Any person with knowledge of stitching and textile designing can join the team. Besides textile, there are many more opportunities to try also.

    My experience with Elo is pretty satisfying. The company provides original and high-quality products at a low cost. I have never replaced or returned any item purchased from Elo. The website has abundant products to choose from. Every product is worth buying.

    Elo can be visited either by their official website or through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. The website is worth visiting and I would recommend buying from the official website of Elo in order to be protected from fake Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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