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    Servis Fashion is truly unique, not just for your appearance but also for every front of your personality. Basically, Servis is one of the main brands in footwear.

    This has been through the successive generations of management, It has been positioned as one of the most recognized brands of Pakistan.

    Servis, being the leading retailer since 1945, has always been at the forefront of taking new initiatives to provide the best experience to their customers. It is undoubtedly a leading player with more than 500 retail stores and exceeding independent retailers in its wholesale network as well.

    In addition to that, it operates with the sales line, Shoe planet, CALZA, and NDURE my favorite.

    I have been using this brand since my childhood, not only me but my whole family wears this brand. My latest purchase of NDURE has lasted me two years and interestingly still looks shiny whenever I put them on. A person is always known through his personality.

    Its branches are located in all the main cities. Islamabad has 2-3 branches, Quetta has some, Karachi, and Lahore has many branches.

    Servis shoes for everyone is known for its quality of stock and charming designs.

    By: Tariq Ali Shah

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