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Digital Pot

    Digital Pot 2

    Digital Pot

    Plants play a vital role in the environment. Digital Pot is just like petting a plant. Alerting the user of how the plant is feeling at the moment. An LCD display outside the pot presents the condition of the plant inside the pot.

    Digital Pot 2

    The sensors used in the pot senses the condition of the plant and responds accordingly. All factors like soil, temperature, humidity, water, sunlight, and environment are sensed by sensors and the appropriate response is indicated by LCD.

    The LCD may display ‘normal’ when the plant is happy with everything provided to it. Also, ‘dissatisfied’ and ‘danger’ may represent that the plant is in a bad state and needs to be looked after. Similarly, the ‘more water’ indicator indicates for water needs of the plant.

    Depending upon the design of the Digital Pot, the display on the LCD can either be text or facial expressions or lights of different colors with text written under the indicating light.

    The pot has various shapes and designs. The designs are so elegant and unique that fit the interior. Different price ranges are also available depending upon the size, shape, design, features, and technology used in the pot.

    In case the pot has abundant water in it, the excess water is exhausted from the pot. Just like this, all the factors suitable for the growth of plants are kept under consideration for a healthy life of the plant.

    In order to recharge the pot, a USB and cable is provided which can be connected either to a device or power. Apart from this, in order to trace the health of the plant, software can be installed and the condition of the plant at every moment can be monitored through that.

    Digital Pot can be purchased from in various varieties and prices depending upon availability. The product was also available on but it is currently unavailable there.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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