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My Ebike

    My Ebike

    My E-Bike

    First of all seaming E-Bike’s are fairly a new thing in 2020.

    An E-bike is a bike that can be powered by electricity.

    My first Ebike is locally known as JMS 3500.


    Its from China.

    In china its called MY-20KM7 Electric Motorcycle, Brand Name: MAYA.

    in china it costs $600 – $1000 for a single unit.

    I’m assuming shipping, customs, and taxes plus the resale markup made it $2000 for me, buying it locally.

    The motor on my bike is a 2000W motor.

    The controller on my bike is a 3000W controller.

    The controller labels are in Chinese.

    The side sticker says:

    T6 : 1733 Yu Yang Biao Zhun



    The top sticker numbers say:


    72V 40A 50V


    This bike comes with 6 x 12v 20Ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries making this 72V 20Ah Battery.

    The speed of this bike can reach 70-75 km/h but can do over 80km/h on a slight downhill.

    Ebike battery

    The range of the bike is 40-50 km but for me, it’s more like 30km because I have the need for speed…

    Tires on this bike are 120/70-12 Vacuum Tires.

    Load Capacity is 150kg.

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