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Ebike keeps stopping

    My Ebike

    Ebike keeps stopping

    My Ebike keeps stalling, my e-bike won’t go after stopping, and my electric bike won’t go properly, my electric heavy bike keeps stuttering on take-off.


    Have you been searching for the answer to these questions?

    Well i found the solution.

    When i started having this problem 5 days ago, i started worrying a lot.

    I had just spent $2000 on this E-bike and after riding it for a couple of weeks, I started having this issue.

    I started searching online for answers but they were all wrong as it could be a number of things and most topics were about e-bikes like electric bicycle bikes.

    A lot of places said it could be the wiring or the motor or the controller (computer) blah blah blah

    So I stripped my heavy/sports Ebike and checked all the wiring making sure all had good connections and covered all connections with electric tape just in case they were touching one another etc.

    From the headlight to the tail light and all that’s in between, I checked them all, took it for a test drive, and still the same issue.

    The headlight had very sloppy wire connections done on it and I wasn’t happy with the brightness of the headlight anyways so I bought an LED headlight and wired it up properly with Bullet Terminals like the rest of the bike had.

    Still, it took off fine, I stopped at the intersection and took off fine again, then I slowed down to pull into a street and it starts stuttering so I stop.

    Pulling the accelerator but nothing is happening!

    I thought maybe because it’s on a slight hill and I’d heard online this happening to electric bicycles, anyway, I turned it off and on again, and it’s still stuttering but makes a slow take-off.

    I get home fast because it said online that if an e-bike’s stuttering, it’s either not enough juice in the battery or it’s a faulty motor, but my battery is almost full and everything else works perfectly like the screen, lights, etc.

    It works one minute and not the next so it can’t be the controller otherwise it wouldn’t work at all, it can’t be the controller overheating because it sometimes happens at the start of my ride.

    I had a lot of reading and watching videos, searching for answers on electric heavy bikes but there were none.

    Eventually, I came across a video or an article I can’t remember that said something about Ebike’s having a safety feature on the breaks so the motor won’t turn on while you have the breaks pulled.

    I thought WHAT!

    I remembered noticing the front brake lever recently being very loose so I went out there to check.

    1. Where this safety was.

    2. What can i do about the loose lever?

    I notice that this so-called safety feature is a button behind the brake lever so when you let go of the breaks, it goes back and pushes in this button.

    This must complete the circuit and let the accelerator work.

    Damn Man, Turns out I have a loose break so it’s not falling back on the button fast enough and that’s why I have this issue.

    Ebike brake safety

    On one hand, I’m so happy I found this out before I started dismantling the motor and on the other hand, I’m pissed off I wasted days and worrying so much for something so small and simple.

    Remembering I’ve learned so much on this journey a tiny little button took me on. I’m not upset about it but I thought I’d write my experience down on so my experience can help someone out there.

    Sorry it’s a long article & Thanks for taking the time to read it.


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