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    Ezbike is New creation of the 21st century.

    Just like everywhere around the world and specifically new in Pakistan, ezBike is an electrical and app-based service that places electric bikes conveniently around the city Islamabad, which is known as Capital city too.

    Users can easily search and reserve an electric bike parked near to them, using the ezBike mobile app, ride it themselves to their destination and park it in a designated zone mentioned in the app, after which it becomes available for the next user.

    The entire process from registration to booking and parking is digital. In addition to this, it costs users Rs5 to unlock the bike and Rs5 per minute on their ride.

    However, rides can also be suspended so that users can stop and run errands while paying a reduced rate of Rs2 per minute. Apart, Ezbike has partnered with Jazz network to provide connectivity through Jazz sims and promote ease of payments through JazzCash as well.

    With ezBike access to shared vehicles is provided to every individual in Pakistan and specifically in Islamabad.


    Truly, it is a friendly mode of transportation in Pakistan that enables women and major children also to use this technology to ease their daily routine.

    By: Tariq Ali Shah

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