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Free Energy

    free energy 101

    Free Energy Exists and has been for years!

    What i don’t understand is, if all these proven methods of free energy ideas BELOW existed for many years and still new ideas are coming out each day like sticking two rods in the ground and having light in your house then what on earth are we as humans doing?

    i can understand some people’s crazy ideas about oil companies and electric companies trying to stop them one way or another but just as many ways they might have of stopping you, there’s more ways than that of getting this technology out there so by the time they even realize it’s in millions of hands around the world. One in each house lol.

    I mean look at all the ways alcohol was distributed in the days of prohibition or the black market still running today even the smugglers of diamonds and weapons and drugs can do it.

    So don’t sit there making stupid accusations that the government of so n so is stopping you from selling on eBay, even if it’s a prototype, is another, ask your neighbor to send it by mail, meet people in the dark of night to distribute, have the mafia help you, sell sell sell.

    There’s millions of other electricians and sciencey people get in touch get them to make it and send them off asap, DUDE there is no excuse for you to sit there waiting for a patent that is Not going to happen.

    So get it out there, people will be grateful on top of paying you for it, you just might save millions of people from dying of thirst or from war because they wouldn’t need to fight for oil for money.

    They can just give it away because they won’t need the damn oil anymore, bring harmony to this god forsaken planet, get up and do the right thing people.

    ps. i’ve also realised a lot of the inventors will show like teasing you some will show you how to make it, that’s great but you have to realise 99% of humanity don’t know what a transistor is, they just simply are not in this field so please stop showing us the candy, JUST SELL IT TO US.

    Anyways here’s, are some of the free energy tech i have heard of or come across online.

    free energy

    free energy 1

    Free energy three

    free energy Four

    free energy five

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