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Free COVID tests

Free COVID tests

    Free COVID tests Free COVID tests for round three testing have now started in America. Americans are now eligible to order a third set of free COVID-19 tests at home. This time the Biden administration has increased the number of sets to 8 per order. While in the first and second rounds, the limit was… Read More »Free COVID tests

    Mega Cloud Storage

    Mega Cloud Storage

      Mega or or is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand.  They give you 50 Gigs of free storage, its fast and reliable. I’m getting 1.6Mb speeds in upload that’s better than, and they claim to be the fastest. Thats realy saying something.… Read More »Mega Cloud Storage



        Cloudflare is a great platform for Content creators and Publishers.
        For your average joe like me, its the Free 15 year SSL, Website Cashing, Threat and Spam protection.



          Wiseling is a Proprietary Trading firm located in Finland that specializes in day trading equities and cryptocurrency.

          free post

          FREE POST

            Free Post Create a Free post here on       It’s not everywhere you get the opportunity to post your thoughts and experiences as a whole online so as long as it’s not offensive to anyone, your welcome to make an account and make posts here for the world to see and read and hopefully enjoy… Read More »FREE POST


            You are Not Free

              You are Not Free You are not free, even if you had all the money in the world. You are bound and depend of people to do things for you even if you have to pay them, you are still asking /begging them. You depend on the air you breath, you can not own air… Read More »You are Not Free

              free energy 101

              Free Energy

                Free Energy Exists and has been for years! Here is a few examples and links to them!

                Ralink wireless Driver

                Ralink wireless USB Driver

                  Ralink wireless lan usb driver windows 7 I bought the ralink usb wireless lan from a chinese website, which came with a mini disk cd, and that had the drivers but i have lost it so… Now i have found it. one link to driver is Or if that does not work then here is the… Read More »Ralink wireless USB Driver