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You are Not Free


    You are Not Free

    You are not free, even if you had all the money in the world.

    You are bound and depend of people to do things for you even if you have to pay them, you are still asking /begging them.

    You depend on the air you breath, you can not own air no matter how much you convince yourself.

    You depend on information from the moment you are born, you are not free because without the information you would not even realise You are a slave.freedom_Wanttono

    You are a slave to your own reality.

    Even funnier are the people who act and pretend to be something, anyone thinking they are better then other are merely convincing them selves they are. one trains to act, talk, walk, think like a doctor for example is but another, who knows a few things in that field yet they forget they are just like anyone else.

    People yes knowledge is good, learn so you might use know to come to this realisation, don’t let knowledge use you to be ignorant and selfish.

    A person of any and every profession these days acts like it, without realising what is it and why am i acting like this.

    If your a lawyer or a policeman or politician, you are but a mere human.

    No less no more, you have no power over another.

    You bleed the same you shit the same etc.

    You are just a slave of your own reality, so don’t act like the position or title that you are because then your an actor/ pretender.

    Just be and be aware of yourself at all times of the day.

    Stop acting the part, its not set in stone.

    Search for freedom because as long as we are human we are not free.

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