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human nature

Human Nature

    Violent Human Nature Humans seam to be designed to be violent. Since its conception, there seams to be violence in human nature. I suppose, starting from the violence it had to perform for food and then extending to violence between each other. I must add this seaming at least half of human existence has been… Read More »Human Nature


    You are Not Free

      You are Not Free You are not free, even if you had all the money in the world. You are bound and depend of people to do things for you even if you have to pay them, you are still asking /begging them. You depend on the air you breath, you can not own air… Read More »You are Not Free

      Daemon Monster

      Daemon monster

        Daemon or monster i don’t know if this was a daemon or a monster 🙁 elongated neck flies (large winged) up in trees, swoop down on its victims (humans) bite/ eating their neck one was among the humans in human form laughing and taunting one of the daemons/monsters, so when the daemon/monster bit him, he… Read More »Daemon monster