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Life Found under Antarctica

    Life Found in Antarctica

    Life Found under Antarctica

    Life Found under Antarctica; Life has been difficult in Antarctica because of severe cold temperatures. The temperature on a windy and dry day can fall below -60°C. This temperature makes life even for humans impossible to exist for long.

    The researchers on 16 February 2021 accidentally discovered life under the deadly cold ice shelves of the Antarctic. Even for the animals of cold environments, it is impossible to survive due to such extreme cold and harsh circumstances.

    Life Found in Antarctica

    This discovery of these unidentified living specimens has led the researchers to history where at some point in time such creatures would exist but never found. Though the life found under Antarctican shelves has not been given a name yet.

    In the meantime, the appearance of these species has been classified as sponges, ascidians, hydroids, barnacles, worms, polychaete, and cnidarian. The real family of these species is still under consideration.

    The researcher embedded cameras and a recorder to track the routine of 16 sponges-like species and 22 other alien species that were resting on the rock in the dark. A strange stalking attitude was seen from the sponges making no sound reason for their movement.

    For now, with all the research made, the temperature is not survivable for any species in the family of sponges. Plus, there are some studies revealing that perhaps there exist more alien species deeper in the shelves. The DNA of all sponge-like species and unidentified species has been taken and still under consideration by professionals.

    By the studies made, life under Antarctica shelves is not limited to these alien things. There can be more unidentifiable objects lying deep into the ocean. The research is still continuing. Life has been vast beyond the eyes of humans.

    By: Bahaar Abdullah

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