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Life Found in Antarctica

Life Found under Antarctica

    Life Found under Antarctica Life Found under Antarctica; Life has been difficult in Antarctica because of severe cold temperatures. The temperature on a windy and dry day can fall below -60°C. This temperature makes life even for humans impossible to exist for long. The researchers on 16 February 2021 accidentally discovered life under the deadly… Read More »Life Found under Antarctica

    What we want

    What we want

      What we want What we want Life is all about what we do, What we think, What we want, What we need and What we achieve, It is very important for a person to know what exactly he/she has to do in his/her life. So that in the future all those surrounding that person will… Read More »What we want

      A Journey towards Success

      A Journey towards Success

        A Journey towards Success A Journey towards Success Life is a stage in which you gain experience and learn new things every day. When you are born no one teaches you how to suck milk but you try and achieve what you desire at that moment. So, keep on trying is the key to success.… Read More »A Journey towards Success

        love is to life pic

        Love is to Life

          Living is to love After watching Highlander: Endgame just now looking out my window seeing the sunlight flickering on a tree leaf while listening to that last song of the movie I realize, we must be born to Love. See if God or those of you who do not believe in God then existence, wanted… Read More »Love is to Life


          Influence in Life

            Are we meant to influence their life? When we give advice or asking for help, are we changing or an influence on someone’s life? one might say, yes it’s good to change a life, changing one’s life for the better as we see it, is a good thing right? How does one know whether it’s good or not,… Read More »Influence in Life


            Life to Heaven

              Life to Heaven What if life was the school to Heaven? Think about it, heaven is a place of wonder, happiness, excitement, joy, love, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Aren’t these what we strive for all our lives? Doesn’t that make sense? Maybe we are put on earth in order to understand these feelings and when we… Read More »Life to Heaven